Sunday, September 8, 2013

Top Five Lists for Skipping Stones 9/10-10/1

5 things I’d wish from a genie in a bottle:
  • 1.     For my children to not know what Mitochondrial Disease was, to experience at least one day that wasn’t filled with medical intervention, fatigue, and pain.
  • 2.     To see Skipping Stones on the silver screen, which would kill two birds with one stone and make it such that my family could live 100% debt free.
  • 3.     To have the children’s book that my boys co-wrote with me in Scholastic. 
  • 4.     To have met my husband when we were in middle school and high school, then to have a wedding day redo after knowing about Pinterest.  He never went to the prom, and I might not would have been the most popular girl in the school, but I would have certainly been the luckiest.
  • 5.     I’d love to have a happy, healthy girl baby to play dress up with, a daughter my husband could give away at her wedding, a child that had the biggest blue eyes like her daddy’s, and the love of two really awesome big brothers.

5 Random Things:
  • 1.     One of my biggest pet peeves is when people leave their carts in the middle of the parking lot or on a grass median.  Everyone should have to clear a store parking lot once in their life.  They’d never do that again if they did.
  • 2.
  •      I really don’t like being outside unless I’m at the beach, which is funny because a lot of Skipping Stones takes place outdoors. 
  • 3.     I compete against myself more than I compete with anyone else.  And I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  This makes me my very own worst enemy.
  • 4.     I wish I could draw and/or paint, like portraits and something other than stick figures.
  • 5.     People always ask me if I have always been a writer.  I think one of the most surprising things is that I wasn’t really an avid reader or writer before last year.  My response is that I’ve always been a really great story-teller.  I’ve always included way too many details when telling people about things that happened in my life.  I realized one day I could use that ability to painfully recount and retell details to my advantage.  When I write, I can literally see the scene in my mind and all I’m doing is translating into words, retelling the story on behalf of my imaginary friends.

Top 5 Things I like in a hero:
  • 1.     Confidence and the ability to take control. 
  • 2.     I have a thing for guys with dark features, and it’s an added bonus if he has beautiful blue eyes.
  • 3.     Imperfect.  I don’t want a guy that is perfect.  I want to see his flaws, what makes him real and attainable. 
  • 4.     He finds girls that aren’t sticks attractive. 
  • 5.     I think I could have a book written with no hot sex and be okay with that if the romance and the gestures the guy makes are genuine and sweet.  I am ultimately a hopeless romantic, and I don’t think hot sex always equates to romance.

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