Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Excerpts for Rose of Thorne 9/20-10/3

Excerpts from Rose of Thorne by Mia Michelle

I stand here in my driveway watching the movers place the last remaining box in their van.  The house is nothing but a shell now, much like I am.  It once represented so much happiness, but now it feels like nothing but an empty void.  I slowly walk through the only home that I have ever known, for the final time. I put my hand on every possible surface in the house, as if I am taking the memory with me.  Touch.  I pat my hand on the kitchen counter where my momma and I tossed flour on each other while we made my daddy’s favorite cake. We always made such a huge mess, but we had so much fun. Touch My hand slides across the butterflies that adorn my little sister’s bedroom wall.  My daddy and I spent the rainy afternoon painting them to surprise Sophie with. Touch.  My fingers trace the marks and dates written on the hallway wall. My parents religiously had measured us to mark our growth over the years.  I wish I could cut this out of the wall.  I don’t want them painted over.  I don’t want them erased as if we were never here.  I snap a picture with my phone so I can have this with me wherever I am.
I can’t fathom another family making memories here; the sold sign out front is painful enough to look at. With one last look around, I shut the front door.  I can see Sophie’s heartbroken face as she stares back at me through the car window.  While all I want to do is break down and cry I know I can’t.  I have to be strong for that sweet face in the window looking back at me. She needs me now, more than ever, and I need her just as much.


From the moment I see her something inside of me changes.  After the hellacious day that I have just experienced it is as if God himself has dropped an angel right out of the sky; right in front of my new silver Aston Martin.  When my eyes lock with her haunting blue green ones I think my whole universe shifted.  Thankfully, I stop in just enough time, but I curse my stupidity for failing to pay attention to where I am going.  I am so terrified as I watch her slap the hood of my car and tumble to the ground.  When I rush out to her I never expected to be affected the way that I am.  The moment my hand caressed her soft silky skin I know she is different and I am not about to let her go. 


Gripping my shirt she frantically pulls me to her and kisses me with such fierceness that I swear I am about to come in my pants.  With a violent tug she rips my shirt open and I hear the buttons scatter across the hard wood floor of the room. That’s all it takes…. Game over!  I want in her… NOW!


It was seven years today. Seven long years and I still never know what to say once I stand before their grave.  I have struggled to make peace with what I had done that night and I thought that one day the words would come and I would feel different.  Like in some fucked up way I would be granted their forgiveness from beyond the grave. My dad never knew that I came here every year on this day. Hell, my dad never even thought of this day except to guilt me into doing something that he wanted.  In some sick way my huge fuckup had sealed the deal for the ultimate blackmail between my father and I.  Even in his death I still hated the son of a bitch.


I step in front of the mirror at the bathroom counter to splash cool water on my face. Gripping the cold Italian marble countertop I stare at myself.  When the world looks at me they see Sebastian Thorne, CEO of Thorne Enterprises; a young and wildly wealthy bachelor, who takes the world by storm and never backs down when he wants something. Never.  But that is not the man that I see when I look into the mirror.  No, I see a coward, A man who has grown up in a life that he does not deserve.  You see, no one knows my secret.  Since my father passed away I am the only living soul who knows what happened that night.  Yes, my father had made damn certain of that when he covered up any evidence of the accident. 


I stare as Lucas wraps his hand in hers and leads her on through the restaurant. The waiter sits them in the far back secluded corner of the dining room. From where I am standing at the bar I can see her face clearly. The warm restaurant lights make her glow as she sat smiling from across the table at him. She looks at him shyly as he leans in to whisper something to her. I notice her delicate skin blush and then he takes her hand into his and gently kisses it.
 Damn it! She is so damn beautiful!! Get your fucking paws off her, Lucas!
 All I want to do is take her into my arms and kiss her senseless. I want to throw her over my shoulder and spend the entire night kissing every delectable perfect inch of her body. Her stunning face brightens as she begins laughing at something he says. The very thought of her being in Lucas’ bed later tonight sets me over the edge and I know I have to get the hell out there. The blonde looks at me confused as I grab my leather jacket so I grab her ass to indicate that I am ready to head back to my place.
Truthfully, I have lost my feel for her, but knowing that I can fuck some of my frustrations out with her has me grabbing her hand and pulling her out of the lounge.
As we make our way to the front door of the restaurant I brave one last glance towards Skylar’s table only to find her beautiful eyes upon mine. Her glance is full of hurt, pain and pure sadness. She quickly blinks and looks down then excuses herself from the table. I find myself wanting to run to her but I don’t. I have to get myself under control and fast.
I am Sebastian Thorne. Ruthless, arrogant Sebastian Thorne, heartless to the core.

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