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Interview Questions for Skipping Stones and JB McGee 9/10-10/1

What sparked your interest in becoming a romance writer
I’ve always been one to tell long, drawn out stories.  After I found the erotic romance genre, I realized I had my own story brewing in my mind.  So I sat down and started writing.  I had no idea that this part of me even existed, but I’m so glad I found it.
What was the first romance novel you read that made an impression on you?
The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
Tell us 5 surprising things about yourself.
1.     I sample all of my food when I eat a meal.  Whatever I like the most, I eat all of it first.  Then I eat everything else in the order that I liked it.  Sometimes I’ll save the best for last.
2.     I must be hungry.  Speaking of food, I hate for my food touch.  Major thing for me.
3.     Even though I can be very outgoing and vivacious, I am also really shy in large crowds of people that I don’t know…or don’t know well.
4.     I worry too much about what people think of me.
5.     I have some sensory issues.  And even though I love to go barefoot all the time, I hate it when certain things get on my feet.  It makes me get the heeby jeebies.
What is your writing environment
There’s this room that is adjacent to my kitchen and living room.  It’s supposed to be like a sun room because there are windows to outside as a wall and then there are a couple of windows that divide it from the living room.  I have a desk in that room along with a shelves for all of my book stuff.  It’s pretty much my office.  It’s nice because I can still be a part of the family when I’m working.  I usually have music blasting in my head phones to drown out noise.
One of your favorite quotes.
She believed she could, so she did.  It’s my motto.
Who is your perfect hero? And why?
I have a lot of people that I admire and look up to on this earth, but none that are perfect because by nature, we are imperfect beings.  So if I have to name a perfect one, it’s God.  He never lets you down, He never breaks promises, and he carries you when you’re too weak or tired to walk another step on your own. 
Which authors have caught your interest lately? Why?
Eeek.  I’m sorry.  I haven’t really had a chance to read in a long time.  I loved Vixen in Vegas by Emma Nichols.  I can’t wait for Katie Mac’s Searching for Tomorrow.
What type of book have you always wanted to write?
I was just thinking yesterday that I want to try to do some kind of mystery or suspense romance after I finish the This Series or maybe in between those last three books.
Who are your dream dinner party guests?
People that I love who I lost.  If I could have anyone, I’d bring them back. There are a lot.  It’d basically be a family reunion.
If they have to be alive, then I’d say Ian Somerhalder, Barack Obama (eesh – Now I’ve mentioned God and politics in this interview!), Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, David Gandy, and Adam Sandler for comedic relief.
What’s the last movie you watched and loved?

Despicable Me 2 – it was entertaining for the adults, but I loved watching my kids faces and hearing their laughter.

Most well rounded in high school. (popular, nerdy, sporty…) Why?

When I filled out my college application, I had to attach another sheet because I had so many extra things I had been involved with while in school.  My senior year, I was in the band, played basketball, softball, worked two jobs, and went to night school to get my real estate license.  Plus there were clubs that I was a part of at school, as well.  I never fit into any one group because I hate cliques and tried not to be a part of them.

Top three things on your bucket list.

I feel like I’ve done a lot on my bucket list already except win the lottery or get rich.  I’m working on it. 

I’d still love to go to Venice, Italy and ride a gondola with my husband.

I’d love to go back to Hawaii.

And for once in my life, I’d love to be a size 4 and have a rockin’ body.  I am conviced that the only way to make that happen is with lots of plastic surgery and I’m a whimp.
How did you get the idea for this particular novel
I was with my family at Lake Lanier and my husband was skipping stones.  I sat back and watched, even tried a few times.  He has tried to teach me for years and I’m still not able to do it.  I watched him also trying to teach my boys who followed in my footsteps and can’t for the life of them do it.  It was during that time that I realized I might be onto a special story.
What is your favorite scene in your new release?
Anything with Alex and her Papa.  That relationship is based off of me and my Papa.
If you could be one of your characters - Who would you be? And why?
I would probably pick Gabby.  I think she is the most like me of all of my characters so far.
Flirting Questions
Which actor or book character do you have a crush on?
Does David Gandy count?
What’s your favorite body part of the opposite sex?
Eyes.  You can see so much through someone’s eyes.  It’s like the window into their soul.
What does love feel like?
Fuzzy head, butterflies bouncing in your stomach, sweaty palms, and a faceache from smiling.
Hey, baby! What’s your sign?
When was your last kiss?
What’s an absolute no-no in a relationship?
Cheating and beating.  They are equal in my book.  I told my husband if he ever did either, I’d be gone in a flash.
How did you meet your significant other?
Online before dating online was cool and the norm.  lol.  I thought his instant messenger name was cool and wanted to know what it meant after he wrote me, so I decided to write him back and ask.  C3H16A79D  - it was his name and his birthday put together.  I thought that was so creative.  We went on our first date a few days later, and we were engaged 4 months later.  I think I knew very early that he was the one.
What’s your idea of a perfect date?
A romantic dinner, walking on the beach holding hands, dancing under the moonlight…just being together can be romantic with the right words.  I’m not an over the top person.  I love surprises as long as I don’t have to anticipate them for a long time.
If you could take a romantic trip, where would it be?
I love Charleston, SC.  I would be content going back there for a week and staying in the Wentworth Mansion again with my husband.  Working on that.  Second place is back to Maui.
Do you believe in love at first sight?
I believe in lust at first sight.  I think that can turn into love.  I certainly was smitten with my husband the moment I looked into his eyes, but not sure I loved him at that point.

Flirting Quickies:

Boxers or Briefs?

Boxer briefs 

Facial hair or clean shaven?

I love to look at stubble, but hate kissing it.  Clean shaven.

Alpha or Beta?  

A healthy mix.

Planner or Panster?


White wine or red?


Coffee or tea?

Diet Coke

Vanilla or chocolate?

That question has so many other implications now.  I very rarely think of ice cream when I hear vanilla.  LOL.  I like both.  Vanilla probably.

Sweet or salty?

Depends.  Sometimes I like them together like French fries dipped in a milkshake. J Sweet is probably my weakness.

Sleep in or get up early?

Sleep in

Laptop or desktop?
Beach or mountains?
Winter or summer?
Cat or dog?
Twilight or Fifty Shades?
Fifty Shades.  I’ve not read or watched Twilight. 
Spotlight or In the Shadows? 
In the shadows.
City or Country?
Suburbs.  LOL.
Clubbing or candlelight dinner?
Candlight dinner
Backpacking or luxury hotel?
Morning or night person?
Christmas or Halloween?
Optimist or pessimist? 
Optimist for sure.

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