Sunday, October 20, 2013

Short Teasers for Searching for Tomorrow 10/23-11/2

Short teasers

*****His need to feel me, to worship me with his hands, was just one of the ways he would show me just how much he loved me, and how much he needed me with him.

*****“Just once Tripp, just once I would like for you to hold me and kiss me like you can’t get enough of me. Just once.”

Before I could even take a breath in, Tripp had snatched me up off the seat and into his arms. He ran his fingers through my hair and when he reached the back of my head, he pressed me forward so that our mouths met. The instant my lips touched his, I melted against him and kissed him with every fiber of my soul.

*****“Wrynn.” His whisper broke the silence. That one anguished word brought me to my feet and forward, into his arms. I had no doubt this was where I should be–sheltered, enveloped, protected. Loved.

I felt the flex of his muscles when his arms squeezed me tighter. My face burrowed into his chest as I tried to get closer to the heat pouring from his body. His mouth dipped to my ear as he whispered his love for me, and his promise of forever. He apologized for leaving me when he knew I needed him and told me that he would always be there for me.

I turned my head and sought reassurance that he spoke the truth. His lips met mine. Time stopped, and a fire that I had never before felt burned through me. This was no soft, gentle kiss. This was a kiss filled with hunger and desperation. The need flowed between us as I opened my lips beneath his. Our tongues danced together and as Tripp drew my body closer to his, a deep longing-filled moan drew up from the depths of my being. The world around us disappeared as I cleaved urgently to the man who had claimed my very soul.

This was the kiss that I had always longed for. The kiss that marked me as his. The kiss that spoke to me

*****I brought my hand up to the back of his head and pulled his lips to mine. Where I intended just a quick kiss, Tripp obviously had other ideas. He brought both his hands to my face and kissed me as if our lives depended on it. I forgot everything but the feel of his lips, the way his tongue danced with mine, the heat from his body that made me want to crawl in his lap. This kiss could have gone on forever…

*****The only person I saw was Tripp. He was the center of my focus. His eyes roamed my face. I could feel the heat between the two of us raised to new proportions. I was excited and scared at the same time.
With a groan, Tripp placed one more kiss on my lips. “You’re my everything. You’re the reason I breathe, the reason I live. I can’t imagine my life without you. I’ve loved you forever and that love will never die.”

*****I craned my neck to look up at him. He was the best looking thing I had ever laid eyes on, and he was mine. I knew without a doubt that God had placed him in my life because he completed me. Where I was weak, he had the strength to carry me. When I was broken, he had the love to mend my shattered pieces.

*****Without you by my side, I am weak. With you in my heart, in my arms, I am invincible. My love for you will only grow stronger. My love for you will keep growing until I take my last breath.

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