Sunday, October 13, 2013

Character Interview for Panic Blog Tour 10/15-10/24

ROOK Interviews FORD
ROOK: OK, I’ve been told I have to interview you Ford, so no bullshit. Just answer the freaking questions and then we can both go about our business.

FORD: Define bullshit.

ROOK: That. What you just did, that’s bullshit.

FORD: Ask questions? I’m not allowed to ask—

ROOK: No, see I’m the one asking the questions, you just get to answer them. Ready?

FORD: Whatever.

ROOK: OK, what did you think you’d be when you grew up?

FORD: An ice cream man.

ROOK: Be serious, Ford, you’re gonna make me look bad and we want to go to Bookbash this summer, so behave so people will notice us.

FORD: Fine, I wanted to be a male model.

ROOK: I swear to God—

FORD: No really. I have the body for it, don’t you think?

ROOK: Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Shirt back on, please. Back on, now! I’m not looking.

FORD: But you want to look, don’t you?

ROOK: Don’t smirk at me. OK, moving on… uh…

FORD: See look, I can even take it off real sexy, like Ronin does. He’s got nothing on me. 
Feel this muscle, Rook. Just feel—

ROOK: No, uh, look… well, yeah, it’s nice and hard. I mean—

FORD: Oh, I think we all know what you mean. Do you like my body Rook?

ROOK: I’m not answering that. I told you I’m the one asking—hey, hands off, buddy.

FORD: What? It’s just hair. 

ROOK: That’s my neck. And you’re dragging your fingers across my skin and whispering—Mister, that’s almost crossing the line. You can’t say those things to me!  I’m a taken woman.

FORD: Tell me why you spend so much time with me, Rook.  Hmmmm…

ROOK: Uh—hey, that tickles!

RONIN: Ford, I’m one second from kicking your ass.

ROOK: Shit. Not look what you’ve done.

FORD: Yeah, shit. Fucking Ronin and his perfect timing. We’ll finish this interview tomorrow, Rook. When we’re alone.

RONIN: Sorry, folks, this is over. I don’t share. Rook is mine.

ROOK: Sorry, peeps!  Be sure to read all about us in the Rook and Ronin series—

FORD: It should be the Rook and Ford series.

ROOK: Later!

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