Sunday, June 15, 2014

Excerpts for Destination to be Determined

Excerpt #1

When she reached the counter, Sean stepped in front of the girl working the register, who looked like a recent high school graduate working one of her first jobs. “Peaches, move!” Sean urged while looking at the pretty blonde. “I’ve got this.”
“How many times do I have to tell you my name is Lily?” she grumbled while slowly moving aside.
“Please. I’ll never remember that. How many times do I have to tell you that I never call people by their real name?” He sighed and looked to the sky before turning his attention to his favorite customer, who had watched the exchange while biting her cheek to hide a smile. “Hey, Emmy.” He winked. “Want your special-special?”
She nodded. “It’s gonna be a hot one today. Can you make it a chilled latte?”
“Kitten, I can make it any way you like,” he teased her.

A small giggle escaped as her face reddened. “Of course you can. I’ll have the…” she always had trouble saying the name. As flattering as it was, it embarrassed her. “The chilled Emmy’s Jamaican Me Happy.”

Excerpt #2

Blaze appeared, and took the phone out of her hand, ending the call. Her face was searing hot. How long had he been at the door?
Taking her hand and opening her palm, he traced the line that she knew went to her heart, and placed a small piece of paper over it along with her phone. “Give me a chance, Sunshine,” he said as his lips brushed against hers. Cupping his palms around her face, he captured her mouth, claiming her. Her knees grew weak, and she slumped against the bricks behind her. He moved one hand around her neck and knotted his fingers in her hair; the other hand traveled down her side and circled her waist. Pushing his hips into hers, he pinned her into place. Allowing him in, their tongues danced and swirled in perfect rhythm. When he pulled back, she was panting, yearning for more. Turning on his heel, he walked away.

She leaned against the building a little longer until her legs were no longer wobbly. Gently, she touched her swollen lips, remembering the kiss. They’d never feel the same again to her.

Excerpt # 3

Yeah, he’d claimed her mouth once before, and she’d be lying to say she didn’t want him to do it again. Perhaps it was the investigator in her own blood that forced the words out of her mouth prior to filtering them. “Why? What do you want? Am I your person of interest?”
Brushing a stray piece of hair away, he leaned in closer. “Oh, I’m definitely interested in you.” She’d not even noticed he’d managed to unlock the persnickety deadbolt and turn the knob, thus opening the door, until she felt the wood give behind her. Her legs tightened around his slender waist as his arm caught her in the small of her back. “Trust me?” he asked.
She glanced away because there was a part of her that didn’t trust him. She didn’t trust anyone. Then, there was a side of her that felt the strangest comfort when he was around. He was soothing, and she thought that maybe she could trust him. She just had to let him in…to her house and her soul, even though she feared he’d already claimed both regardless.

Hesitantly, she nodded.

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