Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Character Interview for Watch Me Walk Away 8/23-9/1

Character Interview (Bobby & Brad)

So I am sitting down today with Bobby Harber so glad you could join me.
Bobby: Glad to be here even if I don’t get the appeal your readers have with me.
I think the readers really would like to get to know you better. Lisa gave them her insight in Watch Me Walk Away but we really never heard directly from you. Can you tell us about how you and Lisa first met?
Bobby: I ran into her literally.  I was working stage crew in high school and she was coming in a door as I was going out and we collided. I was in love from then on.
But you left her and broke her heart.
I did. I know that she still doesn’t understand it but I really felt at the time that I was doing the right thing. She was so young and she was just going into her junior year of high school. I wanted her to enjoy herself, not be waiting for me to come home. Then when I joined the Special Forces I didn’t know if I would be coming home. I lost a lot of friends to Ops and it wouldn’t have been fair to worry her.
So you would do everything the same if you had to do it over again?
Bobby: No, if I could do it over again I wouldn’t have gone to Joe’s New Year’s Eve party. I really hurt her that night and she did something she can’t get back.
Speaking of that night, we have another guest to welcome, Brad Hammer. Brad please come in and join us.
Bobby: Seriously?
Brad: Thanks for inviting me. 
Brad, Bobby was just telling us that he wishes he wouldn’t have gone to that New Year’s Eve party, what is your take on it?
Brad: Well as much as I would like to say that I wished he stayed away for Lisa’s sake I can’t. Him being there led to the best night of my life. It was the night I got to hold Lisa in my arms and I will never forget it.
Bobby: Yeah and you’ve been trying to get her back ever since. When are you finally going to give up?
Brad: Look, I know the two of you are together but I will always be part of her life and you just have to get used to that.
Boys let’s try to keep this on track okay?  So Brad, any new women in your life we should know about?
Brad: No not at the moment. I’ve been keeping to myself and trying to just get a handle on things.
Bobby: As long as you don’t handle my girl.
Bobby, last we heard you and Lisa were walking out of the Hunter Hayes concert. Can you tell us what has been happening since?
Bobby: Lisa and I have been getting to know each other again. We are barely ever apart unless one of us is on a business trip. That’s why she’s not here today. She pretty much lives at my place during the week and we go back out to the Island on the weekends.
So things are going well?
Bobby: Well I can’t complain, especially our sex lives. I can’t keep my hands off her.
Brad: But does she trust you yet?
Bobby: I’m not getting into this with you. Lisa knows how I feel about her and we are working through any issues we have.
Brad, you seem to feel that Lisa doesn’t trust Bobby. Is there something you know that we don’t?
Brad: I’ve known Lisa for a long time and she has real abandonment issues. It comes from something that happened before I even knew her. It takes her a long time to trust someone and it is almost impossible to win that trust back once it’s been ripped from her.
Bobby: Well I guess you don’t know her as well as you think because we are doing great!
Brad: You keep telling yourself that and ignoring what she really needs and let’s see how long you keep her.
Well this has been an interesting conversation, however our time is up. Bobby, Brad I am so happy you could both join us and I can’t wait to read more about both of you in Walk Into Me.

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